Detoxing can feel like the cold I just had.

So this week I have literally been ‘seeking health’ whilst fighting a cold, and a summer cold at that. Colds are bad at any time, but summer colds just seem exceptionally uncomfortable. Hot weather and a stuffy nose, not good. Do I put the fan on because it’s hot, or turn it off because I just got some chills? Soup?, in the summer? All of that is just not fun and I am glad to say that I am feeling much better.

I am going to pass on a bit of medical advice I received from the Nutritionist that actually had me and my husband do the detox and started us on this journey. He was kind enough, after I had posted a question on his Facebook page about “what was the benefit of gargling with salt water anyway?” He could not give me medical advice on Facebook and I understand the implications to that, all I wanted to know was “why did my mother always tell me to do it?” Was this an old-wives tale or was it the salt water really helping my adrenal glands and the gargling that helped stimulate my vagus nerve? I wanted some logical, hard evidence for doing this vile action since I really didn’t like it. He was kind enough to call and, while I was taking a nap, and give my husband this little advice for a sore throat. He said to get sea-salt, and baking soda (aluminum free), then the hottest water I could possible gargle with and mix them together. He didn’t give exact amounts so I used 1/4 tsp of the salt, 1/4 tsp of the baking soda and 8 oz of water. First you gargle with this concoction and then right after quickly drink some iced water. * I love ice water and my husband had been forbidding me to drink it with my sore throat, but ha, ha, I got my iced-water*. I followed the instructions he gave and TA-DA,,no kidding my throat felt so much better. Almost scary miraculous. He had given the explanation of “something or another canceling out the pH of something”,,but my husband does what most men do, they don’t get DETAILS. I may have to ask for a formal reason later on, but for now this helped immensely and I thought I should pass this on to anyone who might have the need. 

Back to detoxing…”ah do we have to?”,,yes we do because really it’s such a good thing to do for your body. We are inundated with toxins from our foods, air, water, environment etc. Detoxing takes a stress off our internal organs and gives us a chance to clean out and start fresh. My husband and I headed into our detox with hopefulness and a cleaned out kitchen to avoid cheating. Cleaning out my kitchen was harder than I thought. I had stock piled all this food to be a good wife, buying mass quantities of on-sale processed foods that would keep for years and years in cans and boxes, not really thinking that if these foods could keep that long, there must be a ton of preservatives in them and were preservatives really healthy for me? So after jumping over that mental hurdle, I ran into another one. How many of you stock pile to feel a sense of comfort that you will always have food? It wasn’t until I was asked to give up my stock pile that I realized how much dependence I had in it. This, for me, was an ah-ha moment and spiritual question. Did I place my security for the things that I NEED, (food, shelter, clothing) on my “pile” versus a faithful God that had always supplied over and above what I needed? My mind went to those in other countries who live from day to day not knowing if they will eat at all and to my life of never missing a day without food. Now, I have had some lean days when rice was the whole menu, but NEVER,, did I not eat. So with renewed faith in my Father who has never let me down since the day I placed my life in His hands, I got down to business and cleared out my kitchen of food-like products that were doing more damage than good. It feel like a relief, because I am always asking for Jesus to show me anything that I need to let go of in the flesh in order to cling more tightly to Him and He did and it was all wrapped up in me seeking health at any cost.  Image