Renovation Today.

This blog formerly known as “Seeking Health Today”, will now be known as Gluten Free Cottage. I am tying my blog together with my baking business that I started last October 2012, in an effort to blog more and actually seeing how the 2 fit together, it was a natural response. My baking business was started for those who have food intolerances, such as myself, to be able to enjoy a dessert, birthday cake, anniversary cake etc. without going off on a binge and regretting it the next day.

This blog will continue to post on healthy lifestyles and diets with an emphasis on gluten free living. I am a firm believer in “everyone has their own body”; sounds ridiculous but sometimes people feel that just because their diet is working great for them, it should work great for you and even think their diet trumps all other diets. I don’t think anyone eats identical to anyone else and you and you alone are responsible for what you eat and only you know how you FEEL when you do. So,,no finger pointing or trying to be “king of the diet mountain”. We are all on a journey with health being the goal and that goal is achieved differently for everyone.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you get something out of it; because I think we can learn something new everyday.

Diana Jamerson

Owner: Gluten Free Cottage


2 weeks turned into 4 and 4 turned into 6,,,

Having made peace with the whole getting rid of my food stash issues and now resting in the faithfulness of knowing that God was not going to let me starve, we were now living in a “clean kitchen” and by clean I mean clean food. Our first 2 weeks were met with some of the usual detox symptoms of slight headaches, fatigue, and being irritable.  I must be completely honest the hardest thing to give up was coffee. Just typing the word coffee makes me want a cup. I have always loved coffee. The flavor,,the smell; even when I was only 3 my parents would catch me taking sips out of their cup. To give this up I knew that I was serious in my attempt to rid myself of the health issues that were plaguing me and as the weeks went on my body finally relented to the fact that no amount of screaming from inside was going to get me to cave in and drink the coffee. I did hide the coffee maker in the garage but, hey,,ya gotta do what it takes to save yourself from ..well yourself. When my husband and I returned 2 weeks later to our nutritionist, we were so proud of ourselves so when we were told to go on for another 2 weeks, needless to say we were a bit deflated. When you have your sites set on a certain time frame,,it’s a bit easier to deal with the very limited diet knowing their was a light at the end of the tunnel. Heading into 2 more weeks was not fun, but when we were told after those 2 weeks to go for 2 more weeks due to some issues my husband was having, it almost felt like forever. It’s funny though because when we finally started to reintroduce foods back into our very clean, detoxified bodies we were able to see immediate responses to foods that our bodies had an intolerance to. In case you have never done a detox diet with subsequent reintroduction of the main allergic food groups, in order to see your food intolerances; here is a brief summary of how it goes.

So you start off by doing 2 weeks of a clean diet.  No processed foods. No caffeine. No sugar and of course none of the below listed foods which are the most allergic foods:

Peanut and peanut products
Soy and soy products
Milk and milk products
Wheat and wheat products

Then as you clean or detox your body, you slowly start reintroducing foods from some of these groups to see how your body reacts. Your diet should also be completely organic and only eating clean meats. My next post will be describing in detail what clean meats are and why organic produce is the best thing we could do for our health today.

Ain’t it the truth?