Why this blog exists.

Gluten Free Cottage is a blog that was born off of my business of gluten free baking. It is my desire to encourage people to eat healthy in spite of possible food allergies. So many people are finding out that they are gluten intolerant and trying to go “gluten free”, but what does that mean anyway? Having grown up eating gluten our whole lives, it is really difficult to take a hard U-turn and change isn’t it? I hope to encourage those with gluten intolerance and even dairy, soy, peanut, egg, grain or ANY food intolerance. Health comes first and it is possible to have a healthy and delicious diet even after you remove those nasty offensive foods from your diet. Everyone is different and so there will be no finger pointing at whose diet is the best. What is best for one is not best for all and the whole goal is a healthy body, being able to enjoy good foods with your family and enjoying your life.


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