No Processed Anything.

I bet if you’re my age 49, and grew up in the United States, you probably have no idea how much processed food you eat. I know that I certainly didn’t. After my first appointment with the new doctor, he gave my husband and I a detox diet. Now the only time I had ever heard of the word detox was in relation to getting off drugs, but never in reference to my diet.  Heck if I managed to make, what I thought was, a homemade dinner consisting of a boxed Hamburger Helper with a side-dish of bagged salad and a glass of soda, I thought I was doing pretty darn good. Well, at least I wasn’t going out to eat fast food more than others right? So what’s the problem? The problem was that the food I was giving to my children (this part really bothers me) and my husband was not food at all. It was “processed food product”. Check out your labels and see how many times you see those 3 nifty little words together. So about this time you may be asking yourself:

“Are processed foods a health risk?

The main health risks of processed foods are well known – they are evident in worldwide disease statistics.

‘First world’ countries that consume lots of processed foods like breads, cereals, sugary foods and fatty foods, are stricken with diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. What else could you expect if a large portion of your diet was based on foods loaded with poor quality calories like sugars and fats, and contain significantly less fibre, vitamins and minerals?

When you think of it that way, it’s easy to see that processed foods are causing obesity.

Yet only 100 years ago, the leading causes of death were infectious diseases – we ate a lot more whole foods back then, with much higher nutritional value. And obesity wasn’t a problem. ” –

So the next logical question is what are “whole foods”right? This is the category of foods that our new doctor wanted us to eat. We were to do a 2-week fast with no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, and only low glycemic fruits. We were to eat small meals 6 to 8 a day. We were to eat nuts and/or seeds for our snacks and get this,,non roasted with no salt. I didn’t even know that nuts had a flavor but salty.  Basically a whole food is described as ” They are the unprocessed, untreated and organic foods that we find in nature. They are low sodium, organic, and heart-healthy.” There now, doesn’t that sound easy and good? It did sound good and I was all the way IN on this new diet. I was excited to see what my body would be like detoxed and all this good food should make me feel like Wonder Women right? Uh-huh,, word of warning, detoxing is hard.


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