My first lesson in real health.


I’ve actually written this blog post several times in my head while I tried to sleep. Why is it always easier to write when you should be sleeping and want to sleep when you should be writing? I will attempt to write this post just as well as I did in my head, and away we go. 

My last post dealt with my health issues increasing and my good friend who had been dealing with some really extreme health issues for a number of years getting some real help. The “doctor” she went to was not a medical doctor but rather a chiropractor who was studying to be a certified nutritionist. This chiropractor would have seminars on some weeknights and weekends that dealt with the issue of needing to get your body healthy before you could lose weight. That was a new concept to me because I always thought that once I finally lost weight that would officially make me “healthy”. I mean what else was healthy if it wasn’t being thin? I thought the two were synonymous, but I found out while sitting in one of the seminars that this really was not the case. It seems that there is a condition called homeostasis. Here is the scientific meaning of homeostasis:

Homeostasis: The tendency of an organism or cell to regulate its internal conditions, such as the chemical composition of its body fluids, so as to maintain health and functioning, regardless of outside conditions. The organism or cell maintains homeostasis by monitoring its internal conditions and responding appropriately when these conditions deviate from their optimal state. The maintenance of a steady body temperature in warm-blooded animals is an example of homeostasis. In human beings, the homeostatic regulation of body temperature involves such mechanisms as sweating when the internal temperature becomes excessive and shivering to produce heat, as well as the generation of heat through metabolic processes when the internal temperature falls too low.

What I learned that day in a few hours was that everything I had been doing to get skinny was all in vain if my body wasn’t healthy. I also learned that even if I did manage to sweat off, and diet off some weight, in the end if my body wasn’t a healthy body and I wasn’t giving it the proper nutrition and care to be healthy, then it was not going to last and the weight would come back,,with a few more pounds even. Ever have that happen? This kind of cycle is not only bad for your health, but detrimental to your psyche. Who hasn’t been depressed because they couldn’t lose weight or worse yet they managed to take off 5 or 10 lbs only to have it pop right back onto your hips.

As I sat and listened to this doctor, the truth of what he said really flooded over me. It made so much sense that if your body was healthy to start then losing weight, and feeling good would follow. My husband and I both decided to make an appointment to see what this doctor could help us with and so began our journey of homeostasis.  


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