Hello Health Seekers

I debated in my mind on just how I wanted to start this blog. If you have a blog you understand how hard it is to sum up in a first post whatever passion you have that is so burning inside of you, that you actually create a blog!  It’s much easier to read other people’s blogs, but when it comes down to actually putting a culmination of your thoughts out to the world wide web, it’s pretty intimidating. I suppose my character of not giving in to a challenge helped here and I know it has helped in my search for good health and good health care. I plan to chronicle the last 2+ years of my life dealing with my health issues, the challenges, the victories and the surprises that I endured. I’m new to blogging, so be kind. I am not a writer, just a person with a concern for people, like myself, that are looking for help with their health in the conventional healthcare industry and are not finding it.


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